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Product Catalog: Haworth Architectural Interiors
At Haworth Architectural Interiors, we believe our only competition is conventional thinking.

Haworth Architectural Interiors is the leader in modular interior construction because no one else has the experience we do in construction and architectural woodworking. Our knowledge and history has allowed us to build flexibility into our products and revolutionize the construction process. We call it Constructive Solutions.

Applications to make your working environment more pleasant
Indirect Lighting
Indirect lighting is hung from the ceiling or mounted on furniture.
Lifespace Walls
The only wall solution.
Neo Walls
Classic good looks with unconventional flexibility.
Nexus Flooring
Stay on top of your technology
Reach a higher sense of being with the state-of-the-art ergonomics and innovative engineering.
Task Lighting
Haworth Architectural Interiors' task lighting is efficient and effective.
TecCrete XL Floors
The patented TecCrete panel design combines the tensile strength of steel with the compressive strength of concrete to create the composite structure of a concrete slab. It's the only panel designed specifically for use in the workplace.
Constructive Solutions creates intelligent workspace and uses every last inch of your valuable real estate
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Power, Voice, and Data
Zone Distribution Planning: Simplify the Future Structured Zone Cabling means thinking ahead. Planning for the maximum number of people on the floor plate. It means universal flexibility in the future.
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