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InstallInstallation begins long before the product arrives. It starts with a meeting between your account executive, furniture project manager, and lead installer. The project installation drawings and specifications are reviewed and checklists run to determine complexity, manpower requirements, product delivery, schedule, and site needs. The installation team is assigned and the job is scheduled.

When the manufacturer delivers furniture directly to the site, the installation crew is there ready to meet it. Projects coming through our warehouse in New Castle, Delaware, are delivered and installed by the same team.

On the day of the installation, the crew reviews the project specifics on site; locating agreed upon staging areas, doing the necessary building protection, and establishing the location and route that trash will leave the site. Products are brought in using a pre-planned sequence that allows other workers such as cable installers or electricians to complete their tasks.

The crew leaves only after the final walk-through is finished and immediate punch lists items resolved.


BOI TruckCentrally dispatched from our New Castle, Delaware facility, our full-service delivery fleet supports product transfers, pick-ups, and deliveries. After we understand your transportation needs, the appropriate vehicle is selected from the fleet. We ensure that the right move and protection equipment is ordered and the trip is then scheduled. Our drivers are in constant contact with dispatch, reporting on progress, road conditions, and any last minute customer requests.